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Learning Colours with osettoys

Learning Colours with osettoys

Learning Colours with osettoys

Children begin to recognize colour when they are around 18 months old. 

At that age, children can also spot other similarities and differences like texture, size, and shape. Identifying colours by name is a trait that children develop between age 3 and age 5.

As children we learn to classify colours. We also learn how to use colour to describe objects. Colour can be a signal of caution and danger – like yellow or red. Colour can also help us to distinguish temperature and more.

Learning colours develops and strengthens the communication ability of children.

Colour Sorting

On a large piece of paper, trace around each of the shapes in the Geometry Pack. Ask your child to fit each of the osettoys Tiles into the correct space. Children can spend hours on this game, which will help them to develop their spatial awareness. As they play, get into the habit of naming the shapes. This will boost their recognition and give them a sense of satisfaction too!

Top Tip: Why not stick your paper onto the fridge and get your child doing the same thing, but vertically? This, again, can improve spatial awareness and can help them spot shapes in different contexts.

Colour Mixing

When your child has a firm grasp on the names of colours, you can start teaching them how to combine colours to create new ones. Purple, Orange, and Green are the secondary colours available in all osettoys packages.

Here are some fun activities you can use to teach your child how to mix colours.

osettoys Rainbow Suncatcher

Step 1

Decide what shape your Suncatcher should be. You can make any shape, like a castle or a rainbow. Keep some tiles aside for Step 5.

Step 2

Pick a window or safe place in your home where the sun shines through. Sort the necessary tiles by colour and put them in the order of the rainbow.

Step 3

Build your Suncatcher. While you are building, point out the colours to your child, and what colour they make when they blend together.

Step 4

Let the Sun do its work! Watch how beautifully the sunlight shines through the tiles, creating amazing refractions. Ask them to name the colours or have them repeat the colour names after you.

Step 5

While the Sun is shining through your wonderful Rainbow Suncatcher, have your child place new tiles onto it, to make new colours! For example, using red and yellow to make orange, blue and green to make turquoise, and purple and orange to make brown.

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