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3 Themes of Land, Sea, and Air Cube Puzzle

$25.99 USD

Safety Age Grade:


3 themes of land, sea, and air to stimulate curiosity and exploration. Original design concepts and hand-drawn patterns of dinosaurs, space, and marine animals, with vivid imagery and high aesthetic appeal.
🌟3D puzzles with versatile shapes to develop children's logical thinking and improve their hands-on abilities. Integration of blocks and magnetic tiles for interactive gameplay, fostering creativity and enhancing associative thinking.
🌟Independent puzzle gameplay using PVC magnetic tiles, with 6-7 sets of tiles for each theme, providing endless play possibilities. Progressively increasing difficulty levels for the 3 themes, catering to the exploration needs of children of different ages.
🌟Strong magnetic design for structural building, making the puzzle even more fun and engaging. Made of ABS material with 5cm large particles and ultrasonic molding technology for durability and resistance to impact, ensuring the safety of delicate little hands. UV printing with eco-friendly ink for clear and vibrant patterns, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind. Convenient storage with vacuum-formed packaging, minimizing the risk of losing puzzle pieces.