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Face Changing Magic Cube Building Blocks Game

$18.99 USD

Safety Age Grade:

Say goodbye to boredom and engage your mind with this exciting puzzle game! Enjoy hours of fun with 2 to 4 players, fun gameplay, challenge to assemble emoji cards, cultivate children's concentration and hand-eye coordination abilities.
🎨Cute and funny expressions, help children learn facial expressions, express emotions through toys. High color saturation, distinguish four different colors, quick thinking and quick hands, cultivate children's logical thinking.
🌟Strong magnetic design, enhance the gaming experience and prevent loss. Made of ABS material, dirt-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring children's safety while playing. Small 3cm particles, convenient to carry and can be played anytime, anywhere.
🧷Ultrasound molding technology for durability and impact resistance. UV printing, environmentally friendly ink, clear and safe expression images. Comes with 48 expression cards, offering numerous combination possibilities. Vacuum packaging for convenient storage.